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Reach New Audiences with the KMA Advertising Newsletter

Target your advertising to reach museum staff and volunteers across Kansas!  The Kansas Museums Association is reaching members with an emailed advertising newsletter, distributed six times per year. Access hundreds of people who purchase goods and services and who are interested in museum programming.

Museum Professionals

  • Market traveling exhibits
  • Generate more publicity for your programs and exhibits


  • Connect to museum professionals
  • Increase company visibility in the museum community


  • The KMA ad newsletter comes out 6 times per year
  • Each ad newsletter nets you 3 distinct impressions – one delivered to the inbox of our members, and 2 via Facebook
  • Our email reaches 700 museum workers and our Facebook page is followed by over 1000 people!
  • KMA ad newsletters have a 34% open rate, which is DOUBLE the industry average
  • All this is available for $25 per ad for institutional or business members, $50 per ad for non-members…  BUT!!  Sign up for 6 ads in 2021 by January 31, 2021 and receive 6 ads for the price of 5

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