About Us

The Kansas Museums Association (KMA) is the statewide organization for museums, historical societies, art galleries, nature centers, zoos, convention and visitor centers and libraries. KMA is the primary provider of professional development education, advocacy, networking opportunities, and information for Kansas museums.


The Kansas Museums Association strengthens the Kansas museum community through education, communication and collaboration.

KMA  by-laws

KMA Strategic Plan

KMA Regional Map

Who Should Join

Membership is open to individuals and institutions interested in sustaining museums and other arts, science, and historical organizations in Kansas.  Professionals at all levels (paid and volunteer) are encouraged to join.  This includes executives, directors, managers, development officers, exhibit and program developers, educators, curators, collections managers, registrars, archivists, museum store managers, visitor services managers, board members, volunteers, students, and others.

Business memberships are also available.  KMA encourages business members to network and participate in all association activities.  KMA appreciates business supporters and encourages a collaborative effort in providing information and services to members.

Professional Development

Annual Conference

KMA offers an affordable annual three-day conference providing education and networking opportunities. This conference develops leadership, knowledge and skills in administration, event and educational programming, development, fundraising, marketing, preservation, collections management, and new practices.

Professional Scholarships

KMA has established a scholarship program to facilitate the advancement of museums in Kansas by enhancing the professional skills of museum personnel.  This program provides direct financial support to individual members to participate in workshops, conferences, and classes that they would not otherwise be able to attend.

Institutional Growth

Institutional Grants

Institutional Project Grants provide financial assistance for Institutional members to conduct small projects that improve the quality of museum operations.

Awards of Excellence

The KMA awards program honors institutions and individuals whose achievements are worthy of special recognition. Such recognition furthers the mission of KMA, which is to create, to foster, and to promote interest in, advancement of, and appreciation for museums in Kansas.


The Kansas Museums Association speaks as a unified voice advocating at the state, local, and national level in the interest of museums and arts, science, and history organizations.  KMA increases the visibility of members’ interests and partners with other state and national organizations to strengthen our advocacy efforts.